1967 Mustang GT 500 Eleanor

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GT 500E

This is our Feature Car. It is a 1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor. If you don’t remember this style of car was featured in the Movie Gone In 60 Seconds and nick named “Eleanor”. The customer came to us with a 67 mustang fastback that he just purchased from EBAY. He wanted something similar to the movie but better. We sat down with him and gave him an overview of what we could do. He had an idea of what he wanted and we started from there. No Expense was spared in rebuilding this awesome car. First we disassembled the car removing engine and drive train. We then removed all sheet metal. We replaced the floor pan and trunk pan. We then preceded to media blast the car. From there we replaced on metal with new parts. This included new doors, quarter panels and fenders. From there we added the Fiberglass Eleanor Body Kit. And then it was off to Paint Booth where it painted a special gray with silver stripes. Then the car was water sanded and buffed. After that it was time to install the custom engine and drive train. Then came a custom interior that included power windows, power seats, and custom console with Navigation. This car has placed first in top car shows such as the World of Wheels and has appeared in videos and several photo shoots.