Auto Restoration

Quality craftsmanship is what we do best. A family owned company provides you the best in quality with expert advice on how to proceed with your auto collision or auto restoration project. Before any auto collision or restoration is started, we discuss and create an outline of your desired level of automobile restoration, desired time of completion, and expected budget. Once the outline is complete, we can proceed with an organized plan.

Experience Matters

Our motto is do it once, do it right! This ensures a long lasting restoration with drive anywhere, anytime dependability

Rust Repairs

  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Media Blasting bodies and frames
  • Suspension & Chassis upgrade and service
  • Engine Swaps and Service
  • Transmission replace and repairs
  • Rear end-differential replace and service
  • Fuel System upgrade and service
  • Brake system upgrade and service
  • Steering Upgrades
  • Air Condition system complete or service
  • Cooling System upgrade or service
  • Electrical Replace and Service
  • Custom Paint & Design
  • Dash & Instrument Service
  • Custom Wheel and Tire fitment.
  • Upholstery complete interiors
  • Any other services to keep your classic on the road